Buza Patrik

PPC Specialist and Growth Hacker

I improved the performance of Bónusz Brigád(one of the biggest Hungarian eCommerce sites) and more than 35 companies too. Contact me and I will help you!

My skills and experiences



Search Engine Advertisement with Google Ads, Bing and other systems.

Paid Social Advertisement

Advertisement in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin or etc.


Set up your Google Analitycs accounts and make reports for you. 

SEO Strategy

Rank in the search engines without paying for advertisements.

Competitor Analysis

Do you want to know what your competitors do and what should you learn from them?

Marketing Automation

PPC, emails, push notifications and more. I will make you an automated marketing system.

Website Development

Simple and good looking wordpress websites for a fair price. Designed with marketing experience.

Growth Hacking

Smart solutions and unique ides with a lot of testing and data. This will give a huge boost.

More than: 




Return on ad spent Improvement

My 4 step work method

1. Consultation

We get to know each other and find the problems or potential growth opportunities.

2. Planning

Based on the consultation I create plans for your company.

3. Implementation

I implement the plans and we can start gather the conversions.

4. Optimization

Based on the data of the campaign I optimize them to make them as profitable as I can.


As an employee

Bónusz Brigád (2019 - 2020) - PPC Specialist

Bónusz Brigád is one of the largest ecommerce site in Hungary. In the domestic daily deal market it has a 90% share. Bonusz Brigad is one of the most popular online brands in the country.

Brokerchooser (2018 - 2019) - Junior Marketing Manager

Brokerchooser is the best site for independent investors and traders to find an online broker fitting to their needs.

As a client


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